Why Is Your Participation Important?

Your participation in this study is critical to learning about higher education decisions during the current pandemic. By sharing your thoughts on what worked well and what could have been improved, you will be helping current and future generations of higher education leaders in responding to emergencies. This research is important because now is the time to learn from each other. You can share your own ideas, respond to others, and invite colleagues to participate in this study. Our team looks forward to hearing from you about good practices in pandemic preparedness and response!

Active Campaigns

A campaign is essentially a category of COVID-19 pandemic response. Use these categories to help generate ideas you have on different topics and response areas your institution has articulated. Below you will find details on the nine campaigns currently open, but we are constantly updating and innovating, so be on the lookout for more!

Academic Advisors

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way schools and universities operate and function. Academic advisors are in a unique position of adapting as staff members as well as having to adapt to the needs of the student populations. How have you observed advising changing due to COVID-19? Do you think these are good changes and will they be a permanent change...

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Plans for Spring 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted changes in many areas of colleges and universities. Tell us about your institutions' plans for the Spring 2021 semester. Please share any relevant documentation.

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Remote Learning Transition

In today's world, technology is becoming more prevalent in education than ever. The effects of COVID-19 required many institutions to move their classes to an online format. How did your college/university facilitate the transition to remote classes? What went well? How could the transition have been improved? (e.g., Curriculum Changes, Grading, Classes w...

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Decision Making/Timing

During any crisis, decision making and the timing of those decisions are very important. COVID-19 is no exception. How were decisions reached at your institution and how was timing decided? How was effective and what could have been improved? (e.g., Day-to-Day Operations, Transition to Remote Learning, Event Cancellation, Institution Closure/Reopening, et...

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Although communication seems elementary, it is usually a difficult concept for people to implement effectively. With information changing constantly, communication has become more important than ever. How did your institution maintain clear lines of communication? What worked well? What could have been improved? (e.g., w/ Students, w/ Staff, on Social Med...

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Fall 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted changes in many areas of college and universities. Tell us about your reflections of Fall 2020 semester. Please share any relevant documentation.

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Students are the heart of any college/university. Some could argue that they were impacted the most by the COVID-19 pandemic. What are some the ways students on your campus were effected and how did your institution accommodate for these changes? What was effective? What could have been improved? (e.g., Dorms/Meal Plans, Incoming Students, International S...

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An institution thrives on the expertise of their Faculty and Staff to keep the college/university going, even in times of crisis. COVID-19 was no exception. What are some of the ways employees on your campus were affected and how did your institution accommodate for these changes? What was effective? What could have been improved? (e.g., Essential vs. Non...

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This experience has changed many aspects of education and emerging research will be necessary to evaluate and record these effects. Here we ask you to post areas that will be in need of research.

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Finances play a big role in decision making. COVID-19 put a financial strain on many areas of education. What ideas were generated regarding finances on an institution and individual level? Although the effects may not be seen yet, what have you perceived as effective? What do you perceive could have been improved? (e.g., Financial Aid, Emergency Funds, R...

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Popular Ideas

Remote Learning

Cherokee Ford

We found out about remote learning at the end of our spring break. SHSU let us know that we would have an extended br...

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Communication on pivoting to rem...


Our university did a great job moving to online learning for some departments and in others, the transition was diffi...

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Timely Communication

Forrest Lane

One way that our university maintained clear lines of communication was to establish a website with COVID-19 related ...

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Be Decisive, Don't Wait for Othe...


In Oregon, state government was slow to respond to COVID-19, and each decision made by the state has taken days if no...

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